May 5, 2022

Permanent and Transient Boat Slips in Los Angeles

boat slip and dock

The Difference Between a Boat Dock and Boat Slip

When you’re looking for a place to store your fishing boat or sailboat, you’ll hear many different types of nautical jargon. Boat slips and boat docks are often used interchangeably when discussing potential places to park your small boat, but they are actually two specific types of berthing. The most basic way to explain the differences between a boat slip and a boat dock is that a slip is a single parking place, while a dock is a parking structure. California Yacht Marina offers permanent and temporary 30’ boat slips in Redondo Beach, San Pedro, Los Angeles, and surrounding areas of Southern California. Our experienced team will help you understand the differences between boat docks and boat slips to help you make informed decisions about your small watercraft storage. Reach out to us and inquire about our single boat slip rentals today!

What Is a Boat Slip?

A boat slip has one open end where a boat perfectly slips into its parking place. A boat slip offers a high level of protection from anything else in the water damaging its exterior. Wet boat slips are on the water, while dry boat slips offer storage options at a dry boat storage facility.

What Is a Boat Dock?

A boat dock is a structure that is open on all sides except one. A boat dock isn’t as secure as a boat slip to protect your vessel from bumps or waves. Most boaters park at a boat dock temporarily.

Is a Boat Dock or Boat Slip Better?

Your boat requirements and personal preferences determine between a boat dock and a boat slip. A boat slip is your best bet if you’re in a high-traffic area and need additional protection. Boat slips offer many more amenities, privacy, and additional storage solutions. If you have one single water vessel in a low-traffic area and don’t need much protection, a boat dock might be good for you.

Boat Slips at Our Southern California Marinas

California Yacht Marina makes it as easy as possible to dock your boat in a downwind or upwind boat slip. We offer affordable daily, seasonal, and annual boat slips available to rent. Our family-owned and -operated boat marinas provide multiple amenities, including:

  • Communal areas
  • Free parking
  • Wi-Fi access
  • nearby launch ramps
  • nearby Fuel docks
  • Dock carts
  • Storage lockers
  • Laundry facilities
  • Dockside DSL phone line hook-ups
  • 30- to 50-amp electrical power centers
  • Private bathrooms and showers
  • Nearby pump-outs
  • Yacht Club social calendar

We have multiple boat marina locations, including:

  • Cabrillo Marina – Cabrillo Marina is home to over 885 leisure water vessels near Santa Catalina Island and Los Angeles Harbor’s West Channel. Boats from 25 to 75 feet long make their home in our boat slips. Cabrillo Marina is also home to our stunning event venue, The Plaza[CYM1], for special occasions.
  • California Yacht Marina – Wilmington – CYM-Wilmington Marina is located between San Pedro Marinas and Long Beach Marinas. It’s the perfect place for close access to the Cerritos Channel of Los Angeles Harbor and world-class restaurants.
  • Port Royal Marina – Make yourself at home on Redondo Beach. Boaters at the Marinas in King Harbor in Redondo Beach, enjoy the small fishing community with the relaxation of sparkling ocean water.

Offering Affordable Boat Storage

California Yacht Marina offers affordable boat storage. We feature daily, seasonal, and annual boat slips with rates determined by your boat’s overall length and how much time you need in the harbor. Whether you are looking for a boat slip in Long Beach, Marina Del Rey, or Dana Point, California Yacht Marina in Los Angeles Harbor offers the perfect solution.

How to Choose the Right Boat Slip in the South Bay

Our experienced staff can help determine the best boat slip for your needs. The main things to consider include:

  • Length of Your Boat – If you have a large vessel, you should choose a larger boat slip area for protection and convenience.
  • Ease of Docking – It’s essential to choose a 26’ or 30’ boat slip that is easy to get in and out of without a hassle. We’re proud to offer effortless docking areas with convenient hook-ups.
  • Dock width – It’s important to inquire about dock width to determine ease of access.
  • Approach Momentum – It’s less stressful to dock without any wind or waves. Think about docking on the approach side to allow the fairway momentum to bring you against the dock.

Benefits of California Yacht Marina Slips

A California Yacht Marina boat slip offers many benefits, including:

  • Our boat slips are designed for easy access and navigation to ensure your boat is kept protected from the elements.
  • Using one of our Marina boat slips rather than a traditional dry storage facility means you always have a safe place with close access to modern amenities and recreational areas.
  • You always have a place to park and store your sailboat or center console fishing boat for quick and easy access.
  • We offer boat slip rentals if you’re a little nervous about taking the plunge into owning a boat slip.
  • We’re always here to answer questions and guide you to the best choice for your sailboat or motor yacht.

Do I Need a Permanent or Temporary Transient Boat Slip?

The perfect boat slip for your needs offers a home away from home for you and your boat. It’s important you choose the best marina in Los Angeles and King Harbor to fit your needs. If you plan to spend your leisure time on the water, a permanent boat slip is the best answer. If you’re only going to spend a few hours on the water, a temporary guest boat slip could work best for your needs. Some critical questions to ask yourself include:

  • Is the marina crowded with other boats that might harm mine when parking?
  • How far am I willing to travel hauling my boat to the open water?
  • Do I need a place to securely store my boat when I leave it each day?

Join Our Boating Community

California Yacht Marina is excited to welcome Southern California boaters into our boating community. Whether you need a transient daily boat slip rental or storage throughout the year, we offer amazing locations and outstanding berthing for your watercraft. We have something for every boater’s needs and budget. Best of all, you get access to our many amenities. We encourage you to check out our waterfront event venues for your social gatherings while you’re using your 30’ boat slip. After a day cruising the coastline, come hang out with the California Yacht Marina’s boating community.

Contact CYM About Our Boat Slips

California Yacht Marina can help you decide if a boat slip or boat dock is best for your sailboat or powerboat needs. We’re excited to welcome you into our CYM family with multiple options and amenities. Our team would love to give you a private marina tour so you can see the modern amenities and beauty for yourself. Contact us today for more information!