Different Types of Boats

How Will You Spend Your Time on the Water?

No matter what your pleasure on the water is, California Yacht Marina has accommodations for a variety of boat styles at our marina locations throughout southern California. We offer secure access and five-star amenities for sailboats, fishing vessels, and recreational boat owners. Whether you want to travel in the Pacific or enjoy a leisurely afternoon at the dock, you'll find everything you need right here.
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Center Console Boats

If you spend a lot of time fishing, center console boats are one of the best choices for fishing-specific vessels. They are equally enjoyable for bay or open ocean fishing, and the center console design allows easy casting from any side of the boat. Other features include deep-V or modified-V hull design, the ability to move through seas quickly, a fiberglass body, accommodating a single outboard motor, multiple outboard motors, or stern drives, and straightforward towing by trailer. An average center console boat, around 20', can hold about six passengers. One drawback of the design is the lack of an overhead retreat and day head. These boats range from 18 to 40 feet, requiring a marina boat slip from 25 to 40 feet. Notable benefits:

  • Fishing day trips
  • 360° fishing access
  • Boating range: inshore, nearshore, and offshore

Convertible Boats

Also known as convertible sportfishing boats, this is the vessel of choice if your adventure involves offshore fishing in the big seas. The powerful diesel engine will take you where you need to go, and these boats include great features such as a tower and comfortable lodging for multi-day fishing trips. Anglers aboard a convertible boat are usually after large deep-sea sportfish such as swordfish, marlin, and sailfish. These boats typically range from 30 to 60 feet and require 30 to 70-foot slips. Notable benefits:

  • Great for multi-day fishing excursions
  • Typical amenities include navigation equipment, berths, galley, head, flybridge, livewell tank, fighting chair, rod holders, safety equipment
  • Range: offshore, long-range angling

Flybridge Sportfishing Boats

As we get deeper into the category of sportfishing boats, there are unique styles, such as the flybridge sportfishing boat, which is considered a type of commercial sportfishing boat. These boats are designed to make locating and catching fish as easy and fun as possible. They include a powerful outboard or inboard motor to get you to your desired fishing location as fast as possible while still delivering a comfortable ride. These boats are large, starting at about 30 feet and going as big as 100 feet. They are expensive, which is why they're most commonly owned by commercial fishing charter businesses. Slip requirements range from 30 to 70 feet. Notable benefits:

  • Big game fishing capabilities
  • Multi-day fishing excursions
  • Fast and powerful
  • All the amenities of a fishing boat
  • Range: offshore, saltwater only
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Pilothouse Boats

When you picture a classic fishing boat, a pilothouse is likely what comes to mind. These include a fully enclosed area around the helm with passenger seating. They're manufactured with a V hull design, with a deep-V being preferable to cut through the rough waters in deep-sea fishing trips. The modified design of the pilothouse is known as the downeast, which includes a deep-V hull that cuts through waves instead of navigating over them. Most recreational pilothouse fishing boats are around 25 to 30 feet, but commercial boats can be over 100 feet. Recreational models hold two to seven passengers, and slips should be between 25 and 40 feet. Notable benefits:

  • Used for fishing and cruising
  • Inboard motor
  • Proper head and berth
  • Rod holders, navigational equipment, and live bait tank

Walkaround Boats

For optimal fishing access from every part of the boat, including the bow, walkaround boats offer passengers 360° accessibility. There's a small cabin located toward the front of the boat. Whether you enjoy cruising on the open water or going out on full-day fishing trips, this style of boat is ideal for either. The body is constructed of fiberglass in various designs, but the most common are either a modified-V or deep-V hull. Size ranges from 15 to over 50 feet, requiring a slip from 25 to 70 feet. Passenger capacity ranges from two to seven passengers. Notable benefits:

  • Livewell and baitwell
  • Rod holders and tackle storage
  • Navigation electronics
  • Equipped for most fishing situations
  • Offers shelter during inclement weather

Cuddy Cabin Boats

A cuddy cabin boat is an excellent option if you're interested in a trustworthy boat for various leisure activities. The standard size is between 20 and 30 feet to hold four to seven passengers comfortably. You'll find different models have either inboard or outboard motors and a V or deep-V hull. A highlight is they often include a day head for passengers. Other amenities include navigation equipment, rod holders, livewell, a cabin, and outriggers with additional options for a kitchen and downriggers. Boat slip requirements are anywhere from 25 to 36 feet. Notable benefits:

  • Great for day cruising and picnicking
  • Family and guest entertaining
  • Fishing
  • Beach trips

Dual-Console Boats

Dual-console boats, or bow riders, have more functionality than traditional fishing boats. The two-console setup includes one for the captain and another for the passenger. Usually, a wide walkway separates these two areas connecting the bow and cockpit. Typical sizes for this type range from 16 to 35 feet, with larger boats usually including a cabin. They are ideal for those who enjoy fishing and various water sports and are roomy enough for four to six passengers. Marina slip requirements range from 25 to 40 feet. Notable benefits:

  • Versatility for fishing and water sports
  • Storage for ski equipment and fishing tackle
  • Navigation electronics
  • Range: nearshore, offshore, bays

Express Cruiser

The express cruiser is a great mid-size multi-purpose boat for ocean use and fishing trips nearshore or offshore. They range from 25 to 50 feet, and the larger sizes are fantastic for deep-sea fishing trips. These vessels are equipped with inboard diesel motors or stern drives with options for high-efficiency outboard motors in boats 42 feet or less. The body is fiberglass, carbon fiber, and a mix of other materials with a V or deep-V hull design. This makeup ensures they can withstand the harsh conditions you might encounter on the open ocean. Depending on the size, these boats can hold six to 22 passengers, and boat slip requirements range from 25 to 50 feet. Notable benefits:

  • Deep-sea fishing trips
  • Harbor tours
  • Powerful and fast motors
  • Range: offshore, nearshore

Pleasure Trawlers

If long-range voyages and enjoying the beauty of the ocean while anchoring in a peaceful spot are how you prefer to spend your time on the water, a pleasure trawler is a great choice. Their single-diesel engines aren't the fastest, but that's to preserve fuel for longer trips. They come with plenty of storage space for recreational equipment and range from 32 to over 60 feet for two to six passengers. Boat slip accommodations are usually 30 to 70 feet. Notable benefits:

  • Short- and long-range cruising
  • Inland waterways
  • Blue water cruising
  • Island hopping
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Cruising Sailboats

Also called cruising yachts, these sailboats are designed with comfort and convenience so passengers can enjoy long-range trips. Living space and amenities provide everything passengers need, and these boats can endure heavy weather conditions and various seas. Common sizes range from 20-foot pocket cruisers to larger cruising sailboats over 60 feet. Notable benefits:

  • Blue water open ocean
  • Oceans in any part of the world
  • Comfort and convenience


If you're interested in a small-scale sailboat for short day trips that is easy to transport with a trailer, daysailers are ideal. You can even find models with room for sleeping areas. These boats range from 15 to 25 feet and accommodate one to six passengers. They require a marina slip of 20 to 30 feet. Notable benefits:

  • Multi or monohull options
  • Easy transport with a trailer


If you like to sail but want the convenience and assistance of a motor, you'll find that motorsailers combine the best of both worlds. These tend to come with luxury accommodations to make the most of your time on the ocean. Notable benefits:

  • Full cabin
  • Galley and head
  • Motor-powered

Racing Sailboat

Competitive racing requires a racing sailboat or performance yacht. These are designed to achieve maximum speeds with larger sail designs and deep keels. The hulls and sails are constructed of high-end materials like carbon fiber and Kevlar. Depending on size, these range from 15 to 70 feet and can hold from one to 20 passengers. Notable benefits:

  • High-speed capability
  • Range: inshore and offshore ocean

Racer Cruisers

These hybrid boats are thoughtfully designed to provide owners with everything they need, even a vessel appropriate for an entire vacation. Whether you're into competitive racing, day trips, or enjoying time anchored at the dock, racer cruisers offer it all. These larger boats range from 30 to 50 feet and can hold one to six passengers. Notable benefits:

  • Bay or ocean racing
  • Mid-level cruising
  • Motor sailing

Catamarans and Trimarans

These fall into the multi-hull category, provide a roomy boat for passengers and are perfect for various recreational activities. They are stable and well-balanced on the water and have options for sailing or backup motor power. Our end-tie boat slips can accommodate both of these styles because their typical lengths are about 40 to 50 feet, with average beams of 22 to 34 feet.

Flexible Boat Slip Options in Los Angeles

At any of the locations operated by California Yacht Marina, you’ll find slip options to meet your boat’s needs providing you with a safe and secure docking option where you can always access your boat and know that it’s protected when you're not there. The size of your boat will increase your slip needs, and pricing is determined by size, so make sure both your boat and its required slip are within your budget.

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