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Los Angeles Harbor

Cabrillo Marina

Cabrillo Marina lies at the heart of Port Los Angeles’ West Channel and is the closest mainland marina to Catalina Island.

Los Angeles Harbor

CYM – Wilmington

As an established Marina nestled in the Cerritos Channel of Los Angeles Harbor, CYM – Wilmington offers a sense of homecoming.

Sunset at Chula Vista
San Diego Bay

CYM – Chula Vista

California Yacht Marina – Chula Vista is a peaceful atmosphere with beautiful sunsets, quaint surroundings, and a garden setting.

Port Royal Boaters at California Yacht Marina
King Harbor

CYM – Port Royal

Enjoy active boardwalk events and serene sunsets from your bow. Port Royal Marina provides a unique combination of history with modern conveniences.

High-Quality Marinas for Southern California Boaters


At any of the California Yacht Marinas in Southern California, you can expect high-quality services, spacious boat storage, and gorgeous event spaces ideal for weddings. The sunsets around our marinas are simply breathtaking, and our state-of-the-art facilities make us an easy choice when you are looking for a place to keep your boat in the Southern California area. For more than 35 years, boaters and party planners have trusted our marinas to keep their ships safe. You can also count on our security system to protect your boat and more from intruders and potential thieves. Call today and let us help you find the right California Yacht Marina to dock your boat.

You can also host events at our locations. Thanks to the magnificent landscape and oceanside views, you can take pictures or host your next event at any of our four sites. We have unique venues at two of our marinas, where many have hosted their weddings. The La Rue C. Thomas Bayside Pavilion at California Yacht Marina-Chula Vista has been host to many weddings and other special occasions. We have done some renovations and remodeling lately to help give it modern updates with a classic feel. Cabrillo Marina is where you can find The Plaza. Thanks to the Hilton located close by, it is ideal for community functions, business meetings, and family gatherings. Reach out to one of our staff members over the phone to begin planning your next event with the California Yacht Marina staff!

Visit Any of Our Four Locations

Southern California boaters have four options from which to choose for docking their boats with California Yacht Marina. Each was designed and built to help boaters feel comfortable and safe while not using their vessel. There are also plenty of attractions and amenities surrounding these docks in Cabrillo, Wilmington, Chula Vista, and Port Royal. Feel free to invite guests, as there are many hotels in these areas to house them after taking a ride speed boat, yacht, sailboat, or other water vehicles. You can also get breakfast, lunch, and dinner at a nearby restaurant or grill down on the beach in private BBQ areas.

Cabrillo Marina: Located in the Los Angeles Harbor’s West Channel/Cabrillo Beach Recreational Complex, this marina can house over 885 leisure water vehicles. We offer boat slips to boats ranging from 25 to 75 feet long. It is also our closest land-based marina to Santa Catalina Island, which is a desirable destination for any nautical enthusiast. You will also have access to some of the best boat repair specialists in the area to safeguard your adventure from unexpected issues and keep your passengers safe while on the water. The ability to get repairs while docked means you can get back on the water as soon as possible.

Wilmington Marina: You can find our Wilmington Marina located between San Pedro and Long Beach, with access to the 110, 710 and, 47 freeways. The channels located near our docks help you get to the Pacific Ocean in no time. And when the water gets rough, you also have a quick way to get closer to the mainland for safety. Traverse the waters with ease and keep your boatload safe, thanks to our conveniently-located dock. You and your guests can also enjoy amenities such as free Wi-Fi and parking, as well as showers to help freshen up after your boat outing. There is also a private beach filled with areas to grill dinner or the fresh catch you got while fishing on our docks.

Chula Vista Marina: Our newest marina to the California Yacht Marina family is located in the San Diego area and is home to many modern amenities. Enjoy private bathrooms and showers, as well as laundry facilities, a nearby pump-out facility, and individual power centers with 30- to 50-amp electricity. You can also rely on our expert boat repair specialists to keep safe on the water. You can count on them to swiftly make repairs when needed so you can get back on the water with your guests. We also have free private parking and the most state-of-the-art security systems to protect your boat while not in use. You also have the La Rue C. Thomas Bayside Pavilion when you are looking to create memorable special events such as a wedding.

Port Royal Marina: Redondo Beach was a natural place to build a dock station. Not only can you enjoy the gorgeous natural sunsets, but there is plenty to do on the boardwalk as well when you are finished boating for the day. At our Port Royal Marina, we try to make your experience luxurious, but we also want it to feel like home. Meet all sorts of other boaters in one of the many bars and restaurants and create lifelong friendships when you come to our docks and marina. We also have free, high-quality Wi-Fi, private bathrooms and showers, and grilling locations if you decide you want to cook the fish you caught off the piers during the day.

Apply for a Boat Slip at California Yacht Marina Today!  

When you are on the hunt for a high-quality marina, California Yacht Marina is the place for you. With modern amenities and exceptional security, we can those looking for a place to store their boats while not in use. You can either call, email, or fill out an online form to get the process started for your boat slip approval. You can also call ahead to schedule a tour of the facilities before signing up to make sure you find the right facility for your needs.


Event Space

The Plaza

The Plaza is an ideal setting for wedding ceremonies, receptions, community functions, business meetings, and family gatherings. The sprawling, one-story facility is the hub of the multipurpose complex that includes the scenic Cabrillo Marina, a selection of excellent restaurants, and the elegant Hilton Hotel.

The Plaza At Cabrillo Marina
Event Space

The Pavilion

The La Rue C. Thomas Bayside Pavilion at California Yacht Marina-Chula Vista provides an ideal setting for wedding ceremonies, receptions, community functions, business meetings and family gatherings. The spacious, recently remodeled facility is bustling with activity and includes picturesque views of the California Yacht Marina and serves up some of the best sunsets in San Diego County!

bayside pavilion
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