Boat Slip Storage in the South Bay, CA

Boat Slip Storage in the South Bay, CA

Store Your Boat With California Yacht Marina

Store Your Boat With California Yacht Marina

After becoming a boat owner, the next step is to figure out how you will store your prized possession. California Yacht Marina offers boat slips for storing your watercraft in King Harbor-Redondo Beach, San Pedro, Los Angeles, and surrounding Southern California boating communities. Storing your boat at our marina is the most cost-effective and convenient option. Our family-owned and -operated marinas provide wet boat slips. Understanding the benefits of wet boat slips will allow you to decide the best way to store your boat. Once you’ve chosen a storage plan, you are all set and ready to sail or cruise the seas at your leisure. Contact us today to learn more.

Dry Boat Slip for Indoor Storage

With an indoor boat slip, your boat will be loaded in a facility where multiple other boats are stored. Depending on the type of facility, the boats are stacked on racks, or they are placed next to one another on the ground. Storing your boat inside offers the most protection. The boat will not be subjected to storms, temperature fluctuation, or debris. Indoor boat storage is typically more expensive than other storage options, but keeping your boat dry and safe inside will increase its longevity. This type of storage is very limited in Southern California but it’s very popular on the east coast.

Store Your Boat With Dry Outdoor Boat Slips

Dry outdoor boat slips are parking places provided by a marina where you can access your boat whenever you’d like. If you want to keep your boat out of the water in between uses, then a dry outdoor boat slip is a great option. Boats are built to stay in the water, but when they are not used often, it is a good idea to remove them to prolong the boat’s life. You won’t have to worry about removing the boat from the water to inspect it. Outdoor storage eliminates the hassle of trailering your boat back and forth and frees up space in your garage.

Wet Boat Slip Storage

With wet boat slips , you can store your boat directly in the water. Frequent boaters enjoy the ease of getting up and getting on the water as soon as they arrive at our marinas. With the boat directly on the water, there is no waiting time or an extra step. You can take your boat for any length of time without worrying about getting it in or out of the water. Our wet boat slips have dock coverage on three sides to protect them from waves and wakes.

Benefits of Storing Your Boat at Our Marina

The different sizes of in-the-water boat slips that we offer give you the opportunity to choose a slip that adequately fits your boating needs. We maintain a clean and friendly environment at all our marinas so that you and your family can enjoy carefree days on the water. Our marina berths foster a fun and exciting environment while offering ease of access. When you keep your boat at our marinas, the benefits you receive include:

  • Protection — Your boat is protected in the water by the surrounding dock. The dock covers three sides of the boat, shielding it from wakes and waves.
  • Peace of Mind— Sleep well knowing that our facilities are monitored by cameras and computerized access to give you peace of mind.
  • Flexible Pricing — Our boat slips can be rented for a day, a week, or on a month-to-month basis. Our rental options range from daily transient to temporary and permanent berthing. The price varies based on the berthing plan you choose.
  • Amenities — Store your boat at our marina and gain access to our five-star amenities. We have everything you need for an exciting trip out on the water.
  • Permanence — Head to the marina whenever you want without the worry of transporting your boat from home. Our storage options are conveniently located at the marina.

Choose Our Marinas to Store Your Boat the Best Way

For over 35 years, California Yacht Marina has provided affordable boat slip options to boaters in Los Angeles, San Pedro, and King Harbor-Redondo Beach, CA. Our variety of boat slip options allows you to choose what works for you. Pay for what you need and nothing more. You can save time, money, and space at home when you let us store your boat. Your boat will be safe at the marina, so you won’t have to focus on anything other than having fun on the water. With our boat slips, you can enjoy everything our state-of-the-art facilities have to offer. Store your boat the best way today. Call us now.

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