Leave the Marina, Cruise the Coast in Los Angeles, CA

Leave the Marina, Cruise the Coast in Los Angeles, CA

California Yacht Marina Recommends Boats for Cruising

California Yacht Marina is home to a wide variety of boats at its locations in Los Angeles, San Pedro, and King Harbor-Redondo Beach, CA. If you’re in the process of buying your first boat, or you just moved to Southern California and want to get out on the water, it may be hard to determine what type of boat will best enhance your personal cruising experience. We have seen a lot of boats in our 35 years of business. Multi-Hull powerboats, fishing boats, sailboats, motor yachts, and trawlers are our top picks for cruising the coastline. Whichever type of boat best suits you, we have storage options to accommodate it. Call us for more information.

Multi-Hull Powerboats Offer Exceptional Versatility

You can find multi-hull powerboats/sailboats that have two hulls, called Catamarans, or three hulls, called Trimarans. These extra hulls provide more stability on the water, decreasing the risk of seasickness for those on board. Since the boat does not rock as much, it is a great option for those with small children or less mobile guests. Additional hulls provide more cabin and deck space compared to single-hull boats. There is ample space for eating, sleeping, and relaxing. The spacing of the engines between hulls allows for greater maneuverability in the water. Multi-hull boats are perfect for cruising, fishing, coastal diving, and spending quality time with family. You’ll normally need an end slip at a marina to accommodate the extra hulls on your catamaran or trimaran. 

All-Purpose Fishing Boats for the Entire Family

All-purpose fishing boats are built not only for incredible fishing but also for diving, cruising, skiing, and tubing as well. If you like to take your boat out on various bodies of water, an all-purpose fishing boat accommodates both freshwater and saltwater activities. You will have plenty of activities to choose from when the weekend comes. Hit the ocean to utilize the built-in fishing rod holders for a big catch or pull the kids on a tube at the beach. Either way, you’re sure to have a sun-filled, fun day. At the end of the day, cruise the waterways of the South Bay for a relaxing evening on the coast.

Peaceful Cruising With Your Sailboat

The cruising experience is natural and much quieter with 30’ or 40’ sailboats. Sailboats utilize the wind to power their movements on the water. In recent years, sailboats have become quite advanced, making them faster and easier to sail than ever. These boats come in many different shapes and sizes, so you can enjoy a multi- or single-day cruise. Sailboats mitigate carbon emissions and noise pollution so you can feel good and peaceful on your expedition. Whether you are chasing the thrill of racing or simply ready to drift on the waves, sailboats cater to both.

40’ Motor Yachts for a Comfortable Boat Experience

Motor yachts are power cruisers that typically have more than one motor and can move at greater speeds. These larger boats allow you to do anything from cruising the coastline to crossing the ocean. 30’ to 40’ Motor yachts or powerboats have space for entertaining your family and friends. Usually, there are several cabin areas and at least one head/bathroom so that everyone aboard is living a life of comfort and fun. Some motor yachts feature ample deck space to accommodate up to twenty people. For the social boater, a motor yacht provides room for hosting and lounging while giving a great view of the beautiful Southern California coastline.

Space and Comfort With Trawler Boats

For some boaters, the most joy is found in slowing down and enjoying the ride. Trawler 30’ to 40’ boats are traditionally designed for cruising leisurely in an economical way. These boats have an exceptional range while consuming less fuel so that you can cruise day and night. There are various sizes of trawlers, but the design always includes the comforts of home. Cabin spaces, spacious decks, bathrooms, and full kitchens are found in most trawlers. Enjoy the coastline without worrying about getting back to make dinner. Have dinner on your trawler while you relax and take in the gorgeous coastline.

Prepare Your Boats to Set Sail at Our Marinas

Once you’ve purchased your boat visit California Yacht Marina in Los Angeles, San Pedro, or King Harbor-Redondo Beach, CA. Our marinas provide ample space for storing your brand-new ocean cruiser. Move it straight from the dealer to any of our three stunning locations and take it for a trip on the water. Our marinas are stocked with amenities to help you prepare for your voyages to come. Protecting your boat and ensuring you enjoy your time on the water is our priority. We provide controlled access to our facilities, offer the cleanest facilities, and the friendliest boater staff in the harbor so you can feel confident in choosing us. Call us now to get started.

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