July 6, 2022

Access the Water With a Boat Slip in San Pedro, CA


Boat Slips: The Preferred Choice of California Yacht Marina

In San Pedro, Los Angeles, King Harbor-Redondo Beach, and other Southern California communities, California Yacht Marina offers boat slip options for storing your 25’, 30’ to 40’ boat safely and conveniently. Residents of Southern California love being out on the water. We are here to make that dream a reality by offering three high-quality marina locations with plenty of space to store your treasured watercraft. Not only will you be keeping your boat near you ready and accessible, but all our marinas are equipped with comfortable amenities. Don’t let the concern of parking your boat keep you from enjoying days on the waters of Southern California. Contact us now.

Why Should I Rent or Buy a Boat Slip?

Marinas, such as our own, utilize boat slips to provide ample space for storing various sizes of boats. Our marinas cater to the size of your motor yacht, sailboat, day cruiser, speedboat, or fishing vessel. The slips that we offer come in different sizes to provide maximum protection on or off the water. You won’t have to risk damaging your boat by towing it off our marina when you rent a boat slip. Instead, you’ll enjoy easy water access and safe storage.

Advantages of Boat Slip Access at Our Marinas

When you rent a boat slip at any of our high-quality marina locations, you will gain access to an array of benefits. Our marinas are explicitly designed for easy navigation so that novice and expert boaters alike can maneuver safely and efficiently. You can maximize the usage of your boat by knowing where and how you will store it. More advantages of renting your boat slip are:

  • Access to the marina amenities (Wi-Fi, power centers, bathrooms and showers, laundry facilities, etc.)
  • Protect your boat from waves and wakes with coverage on three sides
  • Quickly get on the water without worrying about transporting your boat
  • Reciprocal privileges without having to join a Yacht Club
  • Know that you have a designated boat parking spot
  • Meet other boaters in the community
  • Explore nearby attractions
  • Enjoy the scenery

Cost of Marina Boat Slips

When deciding what the best slip option is for you, it is crucial to keep in mind how often you frequent the marina and how much boat protection you require. The cost of boat slips varies depending on several factors. Considering these different factors will allow you to gauge how much you can expect to spend on your boat slip. These factors are:

  • Wet or Dry Slip — Whether you choose a wet or dry slip is wholly based on preference. Both options are on-site at the marina for ease of access. Boaters will sometimes opt for a dry slip if they are less frequent users or if they simply want to add extra protection from weather elements.
  • Rent or Buy — Purchasing a slip has a higher upfront cost. You can rent a boat slip with us daily, monthly, or seasonally which will affect the rate.
  • Size The size of your watercraft will affect the price. We can safely dock and store boats ranging from 20 ft. to 95 ft. long.

California Yacht Marina Is the Preferred Choice for Boaters

Boaters in King HarborRedondo Beach, San Pedro, and Los Angeles, CA prefer boat slips over the alternative methods of storing and towing their boats. At California Yacht Marina, we can ensure your boat is safely docked with us. The presence of our boat slips allows us to utilize our space effectively while providing you with a great way to store your watercraft. For over 35 years, we have been catering to all types of boat owners by offering a variety of boat slip options. We will help you make the choice that best suits your nautical needs. Our family-owned and -operated marina facilities give you access to the waterways for hassle-free fishing, diving, or sailing and days you won’t want to end. Make the preferred decision with us. Call us today.