Safe Boating Practices: Essential Tips

With the upcoming National Safe Boating Week in May, it’s crucial to spotlight the paramount practices for ensuring a secure…

Memorial Day Sailing: Honoring Traditions on the Water

Memorial Day is a poignant reminder of the sacrifices made by military personnel for their country. This day of remembrance,…

The Joys of Small Boat Sailing in LA Harbor and Santa Monica Bay

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What Type of Energy is Utilized to Power Sailing Boats?

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Sailing vs. Boating: What’s The Difference?

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8 Affordable Small Boats to Consider Buying in 2024

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Fire Prevention on Boats

Fires on Boats A fire on a boat or in a marina is an extremely dangerous situation. Why? Fires on…

Who gives way to whom at sea?

Who must yield? At best, it’s embarrassing; in a worst case scenario, it can lead to tragedy. Not understanding sailing…

Understanding Boating Right of Way Rules

Who Has the Right of Way? In a vehicle, on the road, it’s easy to remember the rules. There are…

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