June 6, 2024

Hosting an Elegant Waterfront Wedding at Cabrillo Marina Plaza

Beautiful Wedding Destination in California

Imagine a gentle sea breeze, the sound of waves gently lapping at the shore, and a picturesque sunset over the water—this is the dream setting for your waterfront wedding. Whether you’re a SoCal native or are planning a destination wedding, you want everything to go smoothly. Explore the elements of hosting a successful waterfront wedding and why Cabrillo Marina Plaza could be the perfect venue.

Why Host Your Wedding at Cabrillo Marina Plaza?

The Plaza at Cabrillo Marina in San Pedro, CA, is a premier choice for elegant waterfront weddings near Palos Verdes, Torrance, and Long Beach. This spacious facility is the crown jewel among local event venues, providing a blank, beachside canvas for you to customize your wedding day.

Situated in the heart of the Los Angeles Harbor, Cabrillo Marina Plaza offers stunning views of the San Pedro Bay and the bustling marina. Its prime location makes it easily accessible for guests coming from all over Southern California, including nearby cities like Carson, Long Beach, Rancho Palos Verdes, Rolling Hills Estates, and Redondo Beach.

Equipped with modern amenities like Wi-Fi, a well-appointed kitchen, and onsite restrooms, the Plaza is designed to make your wedding guests feel comfortable and pampered. Plus, its proximity to the Doubletree Hotel by Hilton offers easy accommodation solutions.

The venue features numerous picturesque photo spots, including a triple-fountain patio, a tree-covered courtyard overlooking the water, lawn areas, and an elegant event hall.  The nearby Cabrillo Beach and the iconic Angel’s Gate Lighthouse provide additional opportunities for breathtaking wedding photos that capture the essence of the Southern California coastline.

The convenience and appeal of Cabrillo Marina Plaza are undeniable. Choose this venue for your waterfront wedding and reception, and you can expect a dazzling experience for everyone involved.

Making Your Wedding Day Special

Picking out the venue is a huge weight off your shoulders, but there’s still a lot to think about when planning a wedding. Get inspiration from this list of ideas for personalizing your big day.

Unique Invitation Designs

Kickstart the anticipation for your waterfront wedding with unique invitations. Consider elements that reflect the beach’s charm, like watercolor illustrations of the sea or elegant nautical motifs. This first glimpse into your wedding theme sets the stage for what’s to come.

Beach-Themed Decor

The natural beauty of a waterfront setting calls for low-key yet elegant decor. Think about using elements that resonate with the ocean. For instance, you might line the aisle with seashells or use starfish decor for a charming touch. Tropical flowers like hibiscus and peony further enhance the beauty of your ceremony. String lights stretched between palm trees are perfect for emulating the night sky, a nice touch if your reception will last into the evening.

Incorporate the colors of the Southern California coast into your decor, such as the soft blues of the ocean, the golden hues of the sandy beaches, and the vibrant greens of the palm trees. These colors will create a cohesive and immersive experience for your guests, transporting them to a coastal paradise.

Beach Chic Attire

The dress code for a waterfront wedding often leans toward a more relaxed yet stylish look. For brides, flowy dresses in light fabrics work perfectly, complementing the breezy beach environment. Grooms may opt for lightweight suits or linen shirts paired with khaki trousers. Remember, the right attire is about looking good and staying comfortable throughout the event.

Consider incorporating beach-inspired accessories into your wedding attire, such as a seashell hairpiece for the bride or a nautical-themed pocket square for the groom. These small details will tie your look together and showcase your commitment to the waterfront theme.

Memorable Photography

A waterfront wedding offers endless possibilities for stunning photos, especially at Cabrillo Marina Plaza. Hire a photographer skilled at capturing the essence of outdoor and beach settings. You might time your ceremony to conclude at sunset to encapsulate the magical moment in stunning oranges and yellows. For a playful approach, consider adding a photo booth with fun props where guests can take photos.

Take advantage of the picturesque locations near the Plaza at Cabrillo Marina for your wedding photos, such as the Cabrillo Beach Coastal Park, the Los Angeles Maritime Museum, or the Korean Bell of Friendship. These unique backdrops will add variety and interest to your wedding album, showcasing the best of San Pedro and the South Bay area.

Unique Ceremony Ideas

Obviously, the ceremony is the highlight of any wedding celebration. A beachside venue creates unique opportunities, such as having boats sail by while reciting your vows. You might also host a barefoot ceremony or hold a seashell bouquet instead of traditional flowers.

Consider incorporating local traditions or elements into your ceremony to pay homage to the rich history and culture of the Los Angeles Harbor area. For example, you could include a nautical rope-tying unity ceremony or have your guests toss flower petals into the water as a symbol of your love’s journey.

A Reception That Reflects the Setting

Think of ways to create a beach-themed atmosphere at the reception. Palm leaves, flowers, and other nautical-themed table centerpieces pair well with clean, white linens. A picnic-style reception also offers a relaxed and intimate experience. The Plaza at Cabrillo Marina offers 60-inch and 48-inch round tables, rectangular tables, chairs, and linens to simplify your planning efforts.

Take advantage of the mild Southern California weather and host an outdoor reception on the Plaza’s spacious lawn or courtyard. Set up lounge areas with comfortable seating, string lights, and coastal-inspired decor to create a relaxed and inviting atmosphere for your guests to mingle and enjoy the stunning waterfront views.

A Menu with a Waterfront Twist

Curate a menu that complements the beachside setting. Consider fresh seafood, refreshing cocktails, and beach-inspired desserts.

Partner with local caterers and bartenders to create a menu that showcases the best of Southern California cuisine. Incorporate fresh, locally-sourced ingredients and signature dishes from the South Bay area to give your guests a true taste of the region. Don’t forget to offer refreshing beverages like fresh lemonade, fruit-infused water, and craft cocktails inspired by the coastal location.

Entertainment and Music

The music sets the tone for your waterfront wedding. Opt for genres like acoustic, calypso, or reggae to create a relaxed and joyful mood. Consider hiring a live band or play instrumental guitar and ukulele music to enhance the natural ambiance of the waves crashing and seagulls calling.

Hire local musicians or entertainers from the Los Angeles Harbor area to add an authentic touch to your wedding entertainment. A live band playing classic beach tunes, or a steel drum performer can transport your guests to a tropical paradise and create an unforgettable atmosphere.

Your Wedding Night Send-Off

Think about your send-off at the end of the night. You might arrange to have guests throw lavender buds or rose petals, blow bubbles, or hold sparklers as you head off to start your new life as newlyweds.

For a truly memorable send-off, consider a boat ride or a romantic walk along the Cabrillo Beach promenade. As you sail off into the night or stroll hand-in-hand along the water’s edge, your guests can gather to cheer and celebrate your new beginning.

A Wedding Like No Other at Cabrillo Marina Plaza

For a one-of-a-kind waterfront wedding experience, look no further than California Yacht Marina. Our family-owned business operates the Plaza at Cabrillo Marina in a picturesque setting overlooking LA Harbor. We’ll ensure your wedding day is as unique and beautiful as your love story! With our stunning location, exceptional amenities, and dedicated staff, The Plaza at Cabrillo Marina is the perfect choice for your Southern California waterfront wedding. Whether you’re dreaming of an intimate ceremony or a grand celebration, our versatile venue can accommodate your vision. Let us help you create a day filled with love, laughter, and unforgettable memories against the backdrop of the beautiful San Pedro Bay and the vibrant South Bay community.