Why are Beach Weddings in San Pedro So Popular?

Why are Beach Weddings in San Pedro So Popular?


A gentle breeze blowing through your hair. The sound of the waves lapping against the shore. The feel of the sand beneath your toes as you look into your loved one’s eyes and say, “I do.” This is what fairytale weddings are made of!

If you live in Southern California, you may be interested in getting married close to home yet still in an undeniably gorgeous location. A  waterfront wedding in San Pedro is the perfect option! Of all the venues you could choose, here’s what makes beach weddings so popular.

Simple and Easy, Yet Elegant and Impressive

Couples looking for a casual, stress-free wedding often choose to get married on the beach. The setting is casual and comfortable for everyone. The bride, groom, wedding party, and guests may feel more like they’re on vacation than at a formal event like a wedding, bringing out everyone’s fun, laidback side.

A Break from Tradition

Tying the knot on  or near the beach is an opportunity to break from the traditional church venue. While there’s nothing wrong with reciting your vows in a house of worship, the beach setting more accurately fits many modern couples’ personalities.

Affordable Wedding Packages

Beach weddings outdoors are already simpler than getting married in more traditional venues, but you can simplify things even more by purchasing a wedding package. This may include exclusive use of indoor and outdoor beachfront spaces, catering, decor, tables and chairs, and more.

Picturesque Views

California beaches are one of those settings that everyone loves. No matter which way you look, you can spot something beautiful—the waves, the sand, the cloud-dotted sky, a lighthouse or sailboat in the distance, and lovely beachfront properties. The view becomes even more stunning as the sunset lights up the horizon.

Stunning Wedding Photos

All those beautiful beach views make for zero-effort wedding photos. Your photographer will have a heyday capturing frame-worthy moments throughout your unforgettable day.

No Need for Elaborate Decor

The beach already has so much to offer that you don’t need to spend much on decorations. Any adornments you choose to add can be simple and nautical-themed, such as decorative driftwood, seashells, palm leaves, and starfish.

Built-In Honeymoon

You’re not required to have your honeymoon on the beach if you get married there, but why not? At the very least, you can enjoy staying in a nearby beachfront hotel on your wedding night. This way, you don’t have to worry about getting to the airport for your honeymoon until the following day.

Private, Romantic Setting

The ocean’s breathtaking beauty and expanse make beaches an inherently romantic place to get married. Be sure to reserve a private space to reduce the chance of uninvited guests crashing your party or ending up in your wedding photos.

More Casual Attire is Encouraged

Getting married on or near the beach is your chance to forgo stuffy, traditional wedding attire in favor of lighter, airier clothes if you wish. Here are some suggestions:

  • Skip the ball gown: The bride should consider wearing a relatively casual wedding dress, perhaps with a strappy or backless look and shorter length, rather than a formal beaded ball gown with a long train.
  • Ditch the heels: It’s difficult to look graceful while walking on a sandy beach in stiletto heels. Embrace rhinestone sandals instead for a more comfortable look and feel.
  • Opt for informal groom attire: A white short-sleeved dress shirt is formal yet light enough to work at a beach wedding.
  • Have a less formal wedding party: Many couples decide to request semi-formal dresses for the bridesmaids, along with polos and slacks for the groomsmen.
  • Allow casual dress among guests: Be open to having guests wear whatever they like at the ceremony, including bare feet!

Book Your Beachfront Wedding in San Pedro

If you dream of exchanging vows while overlooking the sugar-white beach and sparkling ocean, California Yacht Marina has the venue for you. Our event space at Cabrillo Marina, known as The Plaza, is a gorgeous setting for wedding ceremonies and receptions.

The Plaza is ideally located half a mile from  Cabrillo beach. It serves as the hub of a multipurpose complex that includes restaurants, attractions, and hotels for out-of-towners. With competitive pricing, and complete customizability, we’ll make your wedding day truly unforgettable!

In addition to The Plaza at Cabrillo Marina, we helm three other high-quality marinas in Wilmington, Chula Vista, and Port Royal. Choose the best waterfront venue in the South Bay, your  happily ever after begins with California Yacht Marina! Call us at (310) 732-2252, send us an email, or contact us online to book your beach wedding in San Pedro. You can also call ahead to schedule a tour of our facilities to ensure we’re the right fit.

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