February 5, 2022

Tips for Planning a Waterfront Wedding in San Pedro, CA

California Yacht Marina’s Waterfront Wedding Venues

A waterfront wedding venue provides natural beauty and a romantic atmosphere for your wedding. Once you’ve chosen your waterfront wedding venue, it’s time to get down to planning. Planning a wedding ceremony and reception outdoors can be overwhelming, but we have all you need to know about planning a waterfront wedding in the San Pedro or Los Angeles areas. For over 35 years, California Yacht Marina has helped couples throw the best party of the year as they unite as one. We’ll give you tips on planning your waterfront wedding, rehearsal, and reception at our venues. Reach out today for an estimate! Check out our tips for planning a waterfront wedding.

Stunning Views at Our Waterfront Wedding Venues

The first step towards the perfect waterfront wedding is to choose the best location that fits your needs. We offer a fantastic waterfront event venue:

The Plaza Our marvelous, one-story The Plaza at Cabrillo Marina is located in the scenic Cabrillo Marina with an onsite restaurant located inside the Double Tree Hotel by Hilton. The Plaza party hall can host small weddings from 120 guest seated to 260 standing guests. Our Plaza wedding reception package includes the use of the Plaza indoor hall outdoor lawn and Seaview fountain patio, kitchen facilities, and ample free event parking.

Plan for the Wind & Rain

Getting married next to water means there is always a chance of rain and wind. It’s essential to plan for both. While your wedding day may be a perfect sunny day without any weather interruptions, it’s best to prepare for anything. You should have a windscreen for your microphone to ensure the words are easy for everyone to hear. Use decorations that won’t blow away in the wind, and always anchor them down. The main thing to remember is to be calm in the case of wind or rain. It will never ruin the beauty of your day. Rainbows always offer a gorgeous opportunity for pictures. If you’re prepared, nothing can rain on your day.

Have a Daytime Ceremony

A daytime ceremony is the best way to take advantage of a waterfront venue. The stunning natural beauty of the water comes to life during the day. You don’t need to bring in artificial lighting, and your photos look amazing. The area is gorgeous for dancing the night away for a reception so you could have a ceremony in the afternoon and dance at night. Nothing compares to the natural environment’s amazing lighting and looks. Even if it’s cloudy, the colors will pop against the blue waters.

Use a Great Sound System

Water is loud at times, so investing in a good sound system is essential. Bring in the best sound system possible when you want guests to hear everything in your ceremony instead of waves. No matter where you’re getting married, a good sound system is best for music and to understand your vows. When you’re outdoors, you should plan for overhead sounds like planes as well.

Go For Minimal Decor

Our event venue areas stand on their own as a luxurious background of decoration. While we invite you to turn the area into the one of your dreams with decorations, you don’t need to go over the top when getting married by the waterfront. The natural beauty of the waves, sand, and skies should be your primary source of decorations. The venue itself doesn’t need too many decorations that compete with the natural environment.

Keep Guests Hydrated

If guests are outside, they may become dehydrated. It’s important to provide them with as much water as possible to stay hydrated. While alcohol is a must-have at many weddings, remember that people may become inebriated quickly if it’s too hot outside. Always have a plentiful amount of water to keep guests cool.

Think About Activities

Our marina wedding event venue offers close access to many amenities. Most couples host guests from all over the place, so they may want something fun to do before your wedding. San Pedro, California, offers everything from historic lighthouses and trolleys to art classes and aquariums. We’ll help you plan fun and entertaining events for your friends and family.

Create a Backup Plan

Weather near the ocean can change on a dime. Your event planners will work with you to ensure you have a sturdy backup plan in case of inclement weather. You can plan to move things to another location at the venue with better coverage in the chance of rain.

Be Beachfront Fashion Friendly

The wind and sun on a beach definitely impact the fashion choices for your wedding. Most couples love to match the chill vibe of the beach while feeling glamorous. A wedding dress that glides and flows is often better than a beaded ball gown at the beach. Give the men some grace and let them ditch the stuffy three-piece suits for lighter attire. One thing you might not think about is leaving off your lip gloss. If there is any wind, your hair will get quickly stuck in your lip gloss.

Planning Your Ceremony Set-up

California Yacht Marina provides tips with your ceremony set-up to ensure it’s perfect for a waterfront wedding. It’s important that we work together to know the number of guests on your lists and your desired set-up for decorations. We’ll work with you to find the best way to use our amenities to fit your dream wedding set-up.

Why Choose California Yacht Marina?

Southern California’s premier yacht marina providers offer couples a picturesque place to hold their special celebration. We’re committed to pleasing our couples and their families. Our exemplary wedding event venues have modern amenities close to multiple attractions. Your guests will love sipping on cocktails and eating hors d’oeuvres next to The Plaza’s elegant triple-fountain patio or socializing on the courtyard over water at The Plaza. Our friendly team is always here to ensure your wedding brings your dreams to life.

Contact Us About Hosting a Waterfront Wedding

A waterfront wedding in the Los Angeles – San Pedro area brings your fairy tale wedding dreams to life. Our helpful team will answer any questions and offer more tips about the perfect waterfront wedding venueWhether there’s rain in the forecast or you worry about the wind blowing your decorations, the most important part of your waterfront wedding venue is the people in attendance. Contact California Yacht Marina today to speak with one of our event planners. We’ll give you a wedding location estimate and a personal tour of our marina event venue today!